The Apple announcement!

There have been quite the buzz recently on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (who even uses it?) and it was trending, till now. I have been following the news coverage and I seem to actually like the new iPhones (BTW I own a few androids). In this post am going to go into a bit more detail from both phones and hopefully distinguish them enough for you to pick a side (#teamJACOB <- example)

iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C is a well designed handset made from plastic (so what?) it has a steel reinforcement making it feel more durable. The new 5C has a polycarbonate plastic (same as on the Nokia’s Lumia devices) and if you phone happens to fall to the ground and scratch or something, it will hardly be visible as it look the same through the whole back. With these new additions the 5C will feel a tad bit heavier than the iPhone 5.

In comparison to the iPhone 5 the new 5C has nothing new apart from the polycarbonate back, HD front-facing camera capable of FaceTime HD. And… Yeah no 64GB model. You have to get 5S for that. Speaking of the…

iPhone 5S

It has been internally reconfigured and redesigned. This means there will be faster chips, more components, etc. There is no improvement to the display of the 5C and 5S. They retain the ‘Retina’ display using the 1136*640 (326ppi) this means the iPhone 5S may look exactly like the previous iPhone 5 if you have chosen the White. There are no more Black/Slate option as it was favored for the Space Grey and the new Gold. Processor within the 5S has been completely redone. The new Apple A7 chip uses 64bit architecture, similar to many new PCs. This enables apps and games to become even more detailed and graphic intensive. The apps have become backward compatible so your Instagram won’t crash before your food gets cold.

Touch ID

This is the new addition to the Apple iPhone 5S as it allows you to use only you fingerprint as a password. Again /(O.O)\ WHAT?!  Apple hopes it will eradicate passwords and make them a thing of the past as the 5S pioneers this type of technology to the mobile world. Some fear the software may not recognize them or it a bug was to happen you can effectively become locked out of your iPhone. Its reminiscent of Google’s face unlock attempt which didn’t really catch on.


The new iOS has been redesigned as Scott departed the company. Johnny (Ive and I are on first name basis :P) has gone for a flatter, more modern, design. Personally I agree. The new design was long overdue and the functionality of control centre and notifications may be limited however it will be greatly used.

iTunes Fest

As i have recently found out, the iTunes festival is free. Where on Earth was I when it got sold out? 20 million people applied for the tickets for the month long festival currently held in London. Famous artists such as Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga also Ellie Goulding would be attending. Hopefully next time I get to go in.


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