Feel like a superhero.

‘Feel like a superhero, what kind of dreams are these’ Emeli Sandé

I had a dream *CanadianPronunciation* about  Kick Ass 2

Disclaimer: This is not a movie review.

I just watched Kick-Ass 2. I feel like punching somebody that punched somebody not because he punched somebody but i want to punch somebody that punches people. Makes sense right?

So, as i was saying. After watching Kick Ass 2 and seeing a Mother Fucker try to rape Night Bitch but decides to be a mother fucker instead. It had me wondering, how cheap are  costumes  these days and criminals aren’t really tough anymore. Why can’t I assemble a team of ripped Russian women, cannibal freaks and rapists?

There’s not really that much people that fight crime anyway so I could get away with vandalizing a few cars and causing quite mayhem because after 9pm most children are asleep. I would control the whole gang, make a bust from my head for them to rub before they leave. Do some psychotic gangster shit because I am, literally, the Mother Fucker.

This post is a written example of my train of thoughts


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