Tiger on a gold leash, I kinda care.

Music videos are becoming weird, and I am not alone… Right?

At the time on writing the most viewed music videos were

Miley – Wrecking Balls

A wrecking ball, meaning? You broke the relationship? You’re still engaged. You rode a wrecking ball? High five *

Miley – We Cant Stop

Why are we not stopping. I don’t think I can carry on to be honest. BTW those teddies don’t deserve this please let them go.

Will.i.am – Scream & Shout (FT Britney Spears)

It’s Will.I.AM. But seriously Britney Bitch?

Rihanna – Diamonds

I don’t understand the science behind this. You can’t smoke diamonds.

Katy Perry – Roar

The song didn’t make sense to me. The video made me even more baffled. Katy Perry mainly has meaningful songs but WTF?

Are these weird music videos the norm now?
If you listened to it all and were not questioning the meaning of the video you need to evaluate your life.

Why can’t we not be glamorous, random and down to earth. Why can’t we listen to Lorde and forget Royals!

Lorde – Royals

I want the old days were we fancied what the musicians had, I really don’t like the forest and I get tired a lot. I don’t trust tonnes of metal and I have a sour throat. But I would still love to have Diamonds.

Not feeling this post, please redirect here to cheer up. #24hoursofhappy


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