Moving on with life and entering a more ‘adult, independent’ lifestyle I need to think hard about the next 4-7 years of my life. Should I enjoy the company of my friends and explore independence or stay at home, commuting daily to lectures.

I have applied for few universities out of my ‘home reach’ and some which I could walk to daily. But why? Why stay at home?

I don’t feel like you will experience the entire UNI-LIFESTYLE from the comfort of your mother’s house. I need to live through that struggle, those late night bad decisions, final minute extreme studies, being stranded in another city. Yes it’s every bit like the Hangover.

Even better, you don’t cause worry to your family by forgetting to tell them you’ll be out late today. You understand how life will be after university and that you need to prepare for a complete isolated life. Including only you, partner and a job (if lucky, in todays world)

University Status:


Birmingham City (Pending)

Nottingham Trent (Pending)

Manchester Met (Pending)



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