Design and/or Functionality

In a world were technology is becoming more and more obstructive there have been many ways to incorporate it into the lives of billions without them even noticing, to quote Apple ‘Technology is at it’s best when it is not even there’ meaning the transition of devices simply becoming portals into another world is due, in the near future.

Huawei ASCEND P6

Huawei’s latest device for the mass market, the ASCEND P6.

Functionality is a very important bit of technology because with all the quirks of that PC if it can run a program what’s it worth? Not much. Devices need to be able to compete and out perform demanding tasks. This is becoming more and more apparent as the spec wars have seen even the most demanding of applications be ran twice, smoothly.

Oppo N1

Oppo’s latest entry, the new N1 with movable camera. *You see a  camera?

Design is simply the system in which the product is marketed and made. If you want a hip phone, you should have at least multiple colours whilst business phones are usually one colour, at most two-tone. Slim, colourful, and shiny phones are often produced for the mass markets as its general and usually fits many lifestyles. More robust and IP certified devices have surfaced such as the Sony XPERIA Z1 and Samsung GALAXY S4 (ACTIVE)

XPERIA Z1 and GALAXY S4 (Active)

The Sony’s XPERIA Z1 along with the S4 (Active). Both IP certified water/dust proof devices.

Consequently the future seems very bright as the functionality has surpassed the expectations of any software required today. Design of many devices are restricted by the people they are meant for. There are many new advances into the world of technology many which would revolutionise the way we interact while some provide a neat feature, but nothing more.

Samsung Youm

Samsung’s Youm technology being showcased at CES 2013

LG G Flex

LG’s G Flex which has a distinctly flexible screen. You can straighten the phone and it will return with no bruises. *Also it has a self-healing back.



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