I don’t understand the meaning of life, being stuck in a 9-5 job. Doing the same shit week in, week out. What’s there to look forward to? Britta and Jeff are literally your lifeline of existent (spoiler it’s not gonna happen). I thought we were raised to achieve our full potential but staring at this screen what is my full potential? To write this post angry due to the lack salami slices? I think not.

In an effort to make something of myself, OK! to get off my bed, I thought I would make a reality a thought I had for a while. To address the infamous splinter in your ***, which is your car insurance, I had a plan to get the people what they need whilst making a tonne of money. I made up a simple scenario to show off the significance of the idea. Here it goes:

Alice, 19, decides she needs a car to commute back and forth from her home to university. After some research she finds a lovely car, a BMW 3 Series. She found the car for £2,000 but the insurance cost 80% of the car’s original cost (£1,600) per year. So two years later she would have paid 160% of the car’s cost (£3,200). She’s a new driver and very cautious. Over three years she had paid £4,800 for a car incident which required her to replace her side mirrors, costing under £200. So after 10 years, £16,000, and one claim Alice finds herself needing a new car. Starting the cycle all over again. Until now.

Let me introduce, Untitled (working progress), which is a car insurance company currently being worked on. I wanted to allow everybody the freedom of being able to drive, without the other pressures such as maintenance fees and road taxes, etc. However, there’s a downside; you’re going to pay for your troubles, in a common sense. If you are unfortunately caught in an accident we will pay the damage and help you get back on your feet if necessary. After which we will agree on a payment plan of your choice, hell it could be a penny a day 😀

If you’re willing to see that turn into reality please share this page and help support a new company run by YOU!


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