The forgotten Somali people.

While the world is watching Russia and it’s war for Crimea, little acknowledge the war against Ethiopia. In an unresting, decades long, resistance from the Ogaden people from the absurd human rights violations the Ethiopian is inconsequentially committing to the ethnic Somalis in the Ogaden area.

Somali Ogaden map

Somali Ogaden region.

Ogaden, formerly western Somalia, was under British colony until the Somali forces regained control of the land from various colonies, including Italy, Portugal and Britain as well as Ethiopian forces. At the end of the war the British used aerial support which essentially gave them a foothold in the region. Somali forces were left on their own after the Soviet and US support shifted from the Somalian government to the Ethiopian one. Some thousands of troops have died from various backgrounds. Such troops include; Ethiopia, Cuba, South Yemen, Soviet Union. Supported by: Israel, East Germany, North Korea, Czechoslovakia, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Libya. After an agreement made between Britain and Somalia’s governments that the Ogaden region was to remain in Somalia after its independence, Britain then ‘gave’ the region to Ethiopia.

Somali-Ogaden protest

Somali-Ogaden protest

Years ahead, and the situation only worsened. Ethiopian government has restricted access to Ogaden (deporting and detaining various journalists) and there are constant insecurities amongst the Ogaden people who are desperately fighting for Freedom, Peace and Prosperity (something taken for granted by so many).

Ethiopian Solidiers, torturing a Somali man

Somali man tortured by Ethiopian solidiers

Ogaden is a part of Somalia. With or without official borders, Ogaden trades with Somalia more than with the rest of Ethiopia. Ogaden’s are ethnic Somalis and speak Somali. They are part of the Somali tribes *although not only the Ogaden tribe live in the region. And for various other reasons the United Nations, United Kingdom and the rest of the world have turned a blind eye towards the Ogaden region and it’s endless suffering from Ethiopian troops.

Somali residents in Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti

Somali residents, area shaded.

After the British realized what it had done, it attempted to buy the Ogaden back from Ethiopia which instantly rejected the offer. It also violated the agreement, that Ogaden would be autonomous after 10 years. Yet the British continue to not care for or regret it’s actions. Thousands are victimized because of a ‘mistake’ by a government which had done little to right it’s wrong.

The problem:
Ogadens are ethnic Somalis and want to be reunited with Somalia, the Somali Shilling (Somali currency) is in use across Ogaden. The population speak mainly Somali and trade heavily with Somalia rather than Ethiopia. So why are they still apart of Ethiopia?

The cause:
Britain. It turned back on it’s agreement with Somalia and made a last minute change of heart, which failed. It agreement with Ethiopia was broken by Ethiopia. No one has spoken of this ever since.

The solution:
Undo your mistake. Let Somalia be Somalia and return the Ogaden to its motherland. Uphold your honesty and your duty by giving the Ogadens a safer environment.

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