The People’s Army of the World

In the recent years we have seen a dramatic increase of role reversal from governments across the world. From changing their priorities from helping and aiding their citizens they have completely flipped it to slaughter their own children, wives and families. And as a result we have become accustomed to seeing torture, death and cries from vulnerable children and parents.

Firstly, this is not a government’s job. The entire department of defense needs to be handed over from the government to the people. There needs to be more citizen rights which can directly affect the governments decisions. We need to be more informed about our governments interference with other nations, as our government represents us as a whole.

Also, the government needs to know it is NOT at the top of the chain, and we are above it. We elect our laws, our presidents, our members of parliament and WE ARE NOT represented by a single individual or organization.

I am soldier of the People’s Army of the World, so are you. No government is too strong, No soul is too weak, No soldier is heartless!



The forgotten Somali people.

While the world is watching Russia and it’s war for Crimea, little acknowledge the war against Ethiopia. In an unresting, decades long, resistance from the Ogaden people from the absurd human rights violations the Ethiopian is inconsequentially committing to the ethnic Somalis in the Ogaden area.

Somali Ogaden map

Somali Ogaden region.

Ogaden, formerly western Somalia, was under British colony until the Somali forces regained control of the land from various colonies, including Italy, Portugal and Britain as well as Ethiopian forces. At the end of the war the British used aerial support which essentially gave them a foothold in the region. Somali forces were left on their own after the Soviet and US support shifted from the Somalian government to the Ethiopian one. Some thousands of troops have died from various backgrounds. Such troops include; Ethiopia, Cuba, South Yemen, Soviet Union. Supported by: Israel, East Germany, North Korea, Czechoslovakia, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Libya. After an agreement made between Britain and Somalia’s governments that the Ogaden region was to remain in Somalia after its independence, Britain then ‘gave’ the region to Ethiopia.

Somali-Ogaden protest

Somali-Ogaden protest

Years ahead, and the situation only worsened. Ethiopian government has restricted access to Ogaden (deporting and detaining various journalists) and there are constant insecurities amongst the Ogaden people who are desperately fighting for Freedom, Peace and Prosperity (something taken for granted by so many).

Ethiopian Solidiers, torturing a Somali man

Somali man tortured by Ethiopian solidiers

Ogaden is a part of Somalia. With or without official borders, Ogaden trades with Somalia more than with the rest of Ethiopia. Ogaden’s are ethnic Somalis and speak Somali. They are part of the Somali tribes *although not only the Ogaden tribe live in the region. And for various other reasons the United Nations, United Kingdom and the rest of the world have turned a blind eye towards the Ogaden region and it’s endless suffering from Ethiopian troops.

Somali residents in Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti

Somali residents, area shaded.

After the British realized what it had done, it attempted to buy the Ogaden back from Ethiopia which instantly rejected the offer. It also violated the agreement, that Ogaden would be autonomous after 10 years. Yet the British continue to not care for or regret it’s actions. Thousands are victimized because of a ‘mistake’ by a government which had done little to right it’s wrong.

The problem:
Ogadens are ethnic Somalis and want to be reunited with Somalia, the Somali Shilling (Somali currency) is in use across Ogaden. The population speak mainly Somali and trade heavily with Somalia rather than Ethiopia. So why are they still apart of Ethiopia?

The cause:
Britain. It turned back on it’s agreement with Somalia and made a last minute change of heart, which failed. It agreement with Ethiopia was broken by Ethiopia. No one has spoken of this ever since.

The solution:
Undo your mistake. Let Somalia be Somalia and return the Ogaden to its motherland. Uphold your honesty and your duty by giving the Ogadens a safer environment.

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Its astonishing to see the number rise every now and then but its completely overwhelming to have actually made it this far. It has been an incredible journey, and I am extremely proud of how far the audience members have come, from


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With over 20 countries visiting the site, accidentally or otherwise I would like to thank all of them.

From the “it was too close” people to the “Oh, that’s a cute smiley”s its has been a pleasure starting this blog and i hope it becomes just as much fun maintaining it.

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I don’t understand the meaning of life, being stuck in a 9-5 job. Doing the same shit week in, week out. What’s there to look forward to? Britta and Jeff are literally your lifeline of existent (spoiler it’s not gonna happen). I thought we were raised to achieve our full potential but staring at this screen what is my full potential? To write this post angry due to the lack salami slices? I think not.

In an effort to make something of myself, OK! to get off my bed, I thought I would make a reality a thought I had for a while. To address the infamous splinter in your ***, which is your car insurance, I had a plan to get the people what they need whilst making a tonne of money. I made up a simple scenario to show off the significance of the idea. Here it goes:

Alice, 19, decides she needs a car to commute back and forth from her home to university. After some research she finds a lovely car, a BMW 3 Series. She found the car for £2,000 but the insurance cost 80% of the car’s original cost (£1,600) per year. So two years later she would have paid 160% of the car’s cost (£3,200). She’s a new driver and very cautious. Over three years she had paid £4,800 for a car incident which required her to replace her side mirrors, costing under £200. So after 10 years, £16,000, and one claim Alice finds herself needing a new car. Starting the cycle all over again. Until now.

Let me introduce, Untitled (working progress), which is a car insurance company currently being worked on. I wanted to allow everybody the freedom of being able to drive, without the other pressures such as maintenance fees and road taxes, etc. However, there’s a downside; you’re going to pay for your troubles, in a common sense. If you are unfortunately caught in an accident we will pay the damage and help you get back on your feet if necessary. After which we will agree on a payment plan of your choice, hell it could be a penny a day 😀

If you’re willing to see that turn into reality please share this page and help support a new company run by YOU!


Thinking back for the 17 years, I have been accumulating knowledge and watching people succeed and fail miserably. I think it’s time I come with a new, improved and focused set of goals. Throughout 2013 I have realised:

– I am lucky

– I should consider myself before others

– The (Subway‘s) Italian BMT is not worth the hype

So keeping the above in mind I want to continue with my life having implement the changes and see how the changes benefit me, for a start.

Design and/or Functionality

In a world were technology is becoming more and more obstructive there have been many ways to incorporate it into the lives of billions without them even noticing, to quote Apple ‘Technology is at it’s best when it is not even there’ meaning the transition of devices simply becoming portals into another world is due, in the near future.

Huawei ASCEND P6

Huawei’s latest device for the mass market, the ASCEND P6.

Functionality is a very important bit of technology because with all the quirks of that PC if it can run a program what’s it worth? Not much. Devices need to be able to compete and out perform demanding tasks. This is becoming more and more apparent as the spec wars have seen even the most demanding of applications be ran twice, smoothly.

Oppo N1

Oppo’s latest entry, the new N1 with movable camera. *You see a  camera?

Design is simply the system in which the product is marketed and made. If you want a hip phone, you should have at least multiple colours whilst business phones are usually one colour, at most two-tone. Slim, colourful, and shiny phones are often produced for the mass markets as its general and usually fits many lifestyles. More robust and IP certified devices have surfaced such as the Sony XPERIA Z1 and Samsung GALAXY S4 (ACTIVE)

XPERIA Z1 and GALAXY S4 (Active)

The Sony’s XPERIA Z1 along with the S4 (Active). Both IP certified water/dust proof devices.

Consequently the future seems very bright as the functionality has surpassed the expectations of any software required today. Design of many devices are restricted by the people they are meant for. There are many new advances into the world of technology many which would revolutionise the way we interact while some provide a neat feature, but nothing more.

Samsung Youm

Samsung’s Youm technology being showcased at CES 2013

LG G Flex

LG’s G Flex which has a distinctly flexible screen. You can straighten the phone and it will return with no bruises. *Also it has a self-healing back.



Moving on with life and entering a more ‘adult, independent’ lifestyle I need to think hard about the next 4-7 years of my life. Should I enjoy the company of my friends and explore independence or stay at home, commuting daily to lectures.

I have applied for few universities out of my ‘home reach’ and some which I could walk to daily. But why? Why stay at home?

I don’t feel like you will experience the entire UNI-LIFESTYLE from the comfort of your mother’s house. I need to live through that struggle, those late night bad decisions, final minute extreme studies, being stranded in another city. Yes it’s every bit like the Hangover.

Even better, you don’t cause worry to your family by forgetting to tell them you’ll be out late today. You understand how life will be after university and that you need to prepare for a complete isolated life. Including only you, partner and a job (if lucky, in todays world)

University Status:


Birmingham City (Pending)

Nottingham Trent (Pending)

Manchester Met (Pending)


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Tiger on a gold leash, I kinda care.

Music videos are becoming weird, and I am not alone… Right?

At the time on writing the most viewed music videos were

Miley – Wrecking Balls

A wrecking ball, meaning? You broke the relationship? You’re still engaged. You rode a wrecking ball? High five *

Miley – We Cant Stop

Why are we not stopping. I don’t think I can carry on to be honest. BTW those teddies don’t deserve this please let them go. – Scream & Shout (FT Britney Spears)

It’s Will.I.AM. But seriously Britney Bitch?

Rihanna – Diamonds

I don’t understand the science behind this. You can’t smoke diamonds.

Katy Perry – Roar

The song didn’t make sense to me. The video made me even more baffled. Katy Perry mainly has meaningful songs but WTF?

Are these weird music videos the norm now?
If you listened to it all and were not questioning the meaning of the video you need to evaluate your life.

Why can’t we not be glamorous, random and down to earth. Why can’t we listen to Lorde and forget Royals!

Lorde – Royals

I want the old days were we fancied what the musicians had, I really don’t like the forest and I get tired a lot. I don’t trust tonnes of metal and I have a sour throat. But I would still love to have Diamonds.

Not feeling this post, please redirect here to cheer up. #24hoursofhappy

Contact lenses

English: Putting on contact lenses

English: Putting on contact lenses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I got my contacts today. I have it for a month, trial period. First day’s report. It itches!

I don’t feel confident wearing contacts and I already forgot which one’s right or left. It takes forever to put in, almost impossible to take out.

I can feel something stuck between the eye and lens and it irritates me. I’m not sure if it’s a beginner thing and my eye’s are adapting but it feels not normal. I still feel something wrong with me right eye.