In the wake of the technological world we face the over flooding internet in our search for interesting topics and stories. Stories we share with friends for that, however brief, moment we are offline. I create and dedicate this WordPress account to create free, public, redistributable and above all enjoyable stories. Once, or more, a week.

To introduce myself I will reference my environment as that of Year One’s, a great movie BTW. And I say not literal but because I seem to be the only out of many people that I know to be interested by the internet. Much like Jack Black’s towards the mis-named apple, spoiler alert. And from an early age I venture into a folder I wasn’t apparently meant to.

Being quite the rebel I went through it anyway and found the infamous System32 folder. To me, at the time, I felt like I controlled the Matrix but I didn’t know what I was doing thanks to that persistent error message-box.  A constant reminder. From there on I made it my personal life goal to prove that message box wrong.

I started learning mobile technology first, then most hardware and general software terms I became familiar with. I then started college at BMETC and took full-time IT (General, Software Development was filled). I first lost out to distraction and other misleading activities. I then regained control of my education and ended up with an equivalent to a ‘B’. I then luckily got into my second/final year of college.

I want to start making YouTube videos but I first want to create some sort of a following as the YouTube community is quite hard to become a part of. I want a new approach changing from to text to visual. Or in other words when I finally get to understand AfterEffects.

In the meantime I will be uploading Stories to this blog. Stories which may come as unusual or interesting. One thing is guaranteed…


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