What now for Blackberry?

Owning Blackberry smartphones and tablets I feel like I was scammed in such a way. Much like the HP’s TouchPad downfall Blackberry may soon have to spin off its few remaining valuables. For example BBM was set off to become a semi-independent company, hence the launch for Android and iOS. This separation was caused after the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. This changed the landscape of mobile phones, for better and worse. The introduction of the iPhone was great news for Apple but market leaders at the time, such as Nokia and the more government/business based Blackberry. They have seen massive stock drops and I don’t think they ever went up from the down slide. Nokia, being a fantastic hardware maker (as explained here)

The above image shows the percentage of the mobile operating systems market share. This shows how popular the manufacturers devices are and how the compare to other OS’s market share. The market share may be small however that doesn’t necessarily mean the company isn’t selling anything. Nokia is still selling more the Apple’s iPhone. In fact many companies are selling more than Apple however there isn’t the same demand for such phones.

Now for Blackberry. Blackberry is now for sale, yes for sale! With just a little bit more than £80m you can own the whole of Blackberry. There still is no buyer at the moment but that may change for the better. This can maybe result in Android-powered Blackberry smartphones. It would be something to look forward to however for the time being, I would really appreciate an update for my Playbook. 🙂


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