The People’s Army of the World

In the recent years we have seen a dramatic increase of role reversal from governments across the world. From changing their priorities from helping and aiding their citizens they have completely flipped it to slaughter their own children, wives and families. And as a result we have become accustomed to seeing torture, death and cries from vulnerable children and parents.

Firstly, this is not a government’s job. The entire department of defense needs to be handed over from the government to the people. There needs to be more citizen rights which can directly affect the governments decisions. We need to be more informed about our governments interference with other nations, as our government represents us as a whole.

Also, the government needs to know it is NOT at the top of the chain, and we are above it. We elect our laws, our presidents, our members of parliament and WE ARE NOT represented by a single individual or organization.

I am soldier of the People’s Army of the World, so are you. No government is too strong, No soul is too weak, No soldier is heartless!



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